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"I had a superb private instruction with Celia.  She taught me a variety of key technical skills including tactics for steep descents, tight switchbacks, manuals.  Equally important, she gave me great insights into mental techniques, which are a critical component of mountain biking especially in challenging or new terrain.  Overall, she offers very helpful instruction, and I would encourage riders of all levels to work with Celia."  - Greg


Mountain Biking and a Happy Husband

"Thank you so much for teaching me some good bike tricks. My husband (Chris) has been super excited because I gained confidence and I ride better. We have mountain biked in Nevada City, Tahoe, and in Marin for the past two weekends, and he was very impressed.

I think the changes you made to my bike set up helped a lot, and also the tricks we learned, while talking about the center of gravity of the bike.

Thank you so much for helping me be a better mountain biker!!"
- Lorena 

Photo by @Sally_K


Mountain Biking and Making Friends in Marin

What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of our vacation in California… it is the mountain bike trip in Marin County with Celia. Actually we were extremely excited when we planned this even though we did not know what the tour would be like or if we have technical skills to survive.

To make a long story short, the 2 days that we did spent with Celia exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning we were sure that Celia was the right person for us. She is not only a great mountain biker but she also knows this region extremely well and gives you the confidence that you need to jump into a new adventure.

Both days were extremely well planned by Celia. The first day at China Camp State Park was to experience the region and also to go through some technical skill lessons. The second day at Camp Tamarancho was more of a challenge on both, physical and mental strengths. But this is exactly what we like! We were looking for something that goes beyond what we did before to experience something new.

Thank you, Celia… it did work for us and we definitely made some great steps to improve our mountain biking skills. 

Sounds like a tough two days… and yes, it was exhausting but it was also a lot of fun. And the beer after an exhausting mountain bike trip was just what we needed. We are Germans with quite some experience when it comes to taste of beer… and to be honest, the local beer from True North in San Anselmo, Marin County can definitely keep up with German beer! J

We are extremely thankful that we had the chance to meet Celia and Sally and to have two great mountain bike tours in beautiful Marin County.

Kerstin and Birgit   


A Day of Mountain Biking in the San Francisco Bay Area

Early into 2013, my now fiance and I had been planning to visit San Francisco on our way back from the UK. This gave me the great idea of allowing my fiance a day to herself pampering in San Fran which meant I had to occupy myself and what better way than a day of mountain biking.  I searched the web and found Mountain Biking Marin. From the first email from Celia to the final beer from the local craft Marin Brewery at Larkspur after the riding day, I knew this was the right choice.

Mountain Biking Marin was able to offer me a complete variety of riding in all types of terrain and ability.  Arranged the hire of my bike from Sunshine Bicycles which is where we first met and started our ride. I opted for a one-on-one guided mountain bike tour 25-30kms 3-4hrs+/-.

We headed towards Tamarancho which was a circular loop and some good climbing through switchbacks etc, good way to get the blood pumping and settle into the bike, my first 29er. Along the way we stopped at various points for a clinic now and then which was great, Celia is very knowledgeable and encouraging, not only did I have a great ride but learned a few things too.

After every ascent there is always a great descent and this was no exception through a reasonably fast paced rock garden with great views over the San Fran Bay. From some more climbing and on to a flow track which descended 100mts in elevation, this was AWESOME and a great reward for the previous 20 minuets of uphill switchbacks. Once back to the top of the flow track we cruised at a reasonable pace on some fire roads, single track and back into Fairfax. The ride and guided tour was more than I expected and of great value for the money.

After handing back the bike with huge smiles, I was off to the ferry terminal but not before stopping for a well earned specialty Mt. Tam Pale Ale at Marin Brewing Co. with Celia before catching the ferry back across the bay to reality, well as much reality as you get when you are still on a great holiday!

Thank you Celia, Mountain Biking Marin and Sunshine Bicycles.

Marty, New Zealand

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Another Succesful Clinic at Northstar, Tahoe, California

Mountain Biking Marin had another successful clinic at Northstar. Here is the testimonial of a very satisfied customer, Kristy DeCoursey:

Over the past 2 years, Northstar has been high in my sites of places I was really really excited and stoked to say the least, to check out! I mean downhill awesomeness without having to pedal to the top to ride it! I'm in! First time I went with friends all of us newbies to "DH" riding so we rode our full suspension cross country bikes. A few runs into the awe inspiring park, one of us crashed pretty bad, resulting in broken glasses and deeply "scraped" arm, hip and leg. Needless to say the "Epic Day" of "Riding Northstar" was over.

Still with the bug in me about a year later I went again for the second time with one of the same newbie buddies. This second time I rented a DH bike at Northstar and they also provided me with a full face helmet, pads and body armour. My buddy had bought a bike, so we were all set this time! Well 1 - 1/2 runs into another "Epic Day" of "Riding Northstar", my buddy crashed (face planted) on Livewire and got a concussion, we were AGAIN done!

So I talked to Celia Graterol of Mountain Biking Marin and she said some things that she does when she rides there that I hadn't even thought of and also she backed me up with some things I had thought of. She said I should go up with her for a day, so 2 weeks later I went to Northstar for the third time, on August 16th 2013 we did it. And I can finally say I had an "EPIC DAY" of "RIDING NORTHSTAR!" I had a full fun fun fun and safe day of riding and now feel much much more confident and better rider as I always do when I ride with Celia, she is not only a great great rider but an excellent teacher. Not all great riders are good teachers, that is for sure! I still have the bug in me and now on a different level, CAN'T WAIT to go back again and again SOON!

Thank you, Thank you Celia I had a great day!


Birthday Bike Ride in Marin

For my 30th birthday present, I was offered a bike clinic to improve my bike skills. At the occasion of a trip in San Francisco in July (I live in France), I chose to do it in California, and I got in touch with Mountain Biking Marin.

It was perfect!

Celia taught me some tips, and I had the bike I wanted.

Since that day, I feel more confident and enjoy more my rides!


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