Intermediate and Advance Downhill Clinic

On Saturday December 11th, a group of 4 great riders (Andy, Meredith, David and Chris) signed up for our last downhill clinic of the year.  It was a great way to close Mountain Biking Marin's 2010 season year.  Brian and Celia were teaching the clinic supported by Michael from Reel Motion Sports who took great videos of the participants to create movies. Click here to watch the super fun group movie that Michael produced! Andy Proctor, one of the participants sent us an email saying: "Hey Celia: Thanks for putting on a great clinic last weekend. Such good fun. I can't wait for the next clinic! I've noticed a big difference in my riding since the clinic.  If things get steep and sketchy, where before I'd loose confidence and go over the bars, now I just relax and settle into it and cope".  Andy also documented the clinic in his personal blog so click here to see cool pictures and read a thorough description of what we did that day including riding gnarly and steep technical DH trails and getting air hitting drops and dirt jumps.  And here is the testimonial of David Hamasaki, another clinic participant: "Hi Celia and gang, just wanted to let you know I rode Solstice last night and those last "little" rock drops at the end [which] are usually a little sketchy for me... not this time! Got balanced, got my weight back, and rode right over them, was so surprised, had to go back and try again, yep, nailed it!".
(The picture in this blog was taken by Andy Proctor)