Increasing Safety in Your Rides

Here is a testimonial from John Monroe, who has taken several of Mountain Biking Marin private and group clinics.  John likes to take risks and do difficult moves during his rides and our clinics helped him become a safer biker even when riding technical trails.

"I often use the things that Celia, Jackie, and Brian talked about in our classes. And you know what, my medical bills have dropped considerably!"

John Monroe

Mountain Bike Downhill Private Clinic in Marin

"In continuation of my back to basics bike skills discipline, I started to look around at clinics. Google graciously pointed me to Celia Graterol's website.  After reading one glowing testimonial after another I decided to sign up. I wanted to join those beaming people who's MTB lives had been improved at the hands of this Marin legend. So, after an introductory chat over the phone we arranged to meet at China Camp for some drills and practice. This was to be a precursor to a more downhill intensive session at Pacifica.

Having recently done the Bikeskills downhill clinic at Northstar, I knew the leaps and bounds possible from spending time with the pro's. But having focused, one on one attention makes a big difference. Celia quickly assessed my ability and we rode appropriate trails. Taking me to the edge of my comfort zone to make progress, but never out of my league. So the whole experience was extremely satisfying and rewarding. I learned a lot. I'm already looking forward to the Pacifica session. In fact I bought a new full face helmet and body armor in anticipation!"

Andy Proctor
Proc Mountaing Biking


Mountain Biking in the Winter

I WILL be riding this rainy season! I’m lucky to have some trails in Pebble Beach near my house which stay in pretty good shape and are a nice mix of riding. I am still practicing the skills Celia taught me, and have gotten much better at The Manual; I regularly clear obstacles I couldn’t before. Thanks!

I was talking to my brother the other day about coming up to ride Tamarancho with him as soon as both our schedules calm down a bit. I told him you mentioned the great switchbacks there and there are very few around here on the Monterey Peninsula.

Hope to connect with you again sometime on the trails! Say HI to Jackie for me, too.

Dave Whipple


Mountain Bike Tour with Title Nine

Celia of Mountain Biking Marin organized a ride near Muir Beach for a group of us from Title Nine. We were a diverse set, some of us were road riders and others mountain bikers of fire roads with not much single-track experience. Celia brought us onto some amazing trails, with climbs that snaked back and forth through switchbacks up into the hills along the coast.

We were challenged in ways that we never imagined, and she coached us through. There were many challenges and obstacles that we would have never tried on our own but with Celia we were able to make them. She let us each decide if we wanted to try challenging sections and never made us feel bad if we wanted to walk a section. She was motivating and totally supportive. She is an AMAZINGLY experienced rider and seems to know every trail in Marin that exists (and some that don't).

Overall, it was an awesome afternoon – a complete blast of an adrenaline rush and I now have a ton more confidence in how to handle myself on the bike on all kinds of terrain! - Will K.


The Hot Mama Mountain Bike Clinic was a Success!

Thanks to all the Hot Mamas for the great clinic on Saturday, May 29th!

Below is a picture with almost everyone... we took the picture at the end of the clinic after some of the hot mamas were already gone. :-(

Here are some of the comments and emails we received after the clinic:
"Saturday's clinic was so fun.  Thank you for all you do to empower and strengthen women - in mind, body and spirit.  I will be in touch within the week to schedule another one on one instruction. Have a great day!"

"Christina: I am going to tell my husband to send you flowers 'cause I ended the day a more confident rider"

"Celia, The clinic was awesome.  I feel that I "got my groove back" and that mountain biking will again be a joy for me.  You are a skilled athlete and a talented instructor.  I also enjoyed Jackie and the other women that taught the clinic.  Sincere gratitude."

"Hi Celia, Thank you again for a great clinic.  I have to say your first clinic I took built my confidence up so much, I don't know if you remember I was a brand new to mountain biking and fell on a few switchbacks.  The second clinic has made another big advance in my riding skills. I rode Tamarancho the next day and practiced the moves you taught and felt I rode it the best I ever have...(made every switch back and went through the rock garden without dabbing). You are an amazing instructor.  I am recommending your clinics to all my friends!"

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Mark Pester (Texas), Mountain Biking in Marin

While out in Nor Cal I wanted to experience some mountain biking in the famous Marin County, birthplace of the sport. I was ready to ride Tamarancho and kick butt! Boy what a humbling experience when I was faced with the steepest, tightest switchbacks I've ever seen or attempted to ride right from the start. I was lucky to be riding with Celia whose experience and patience helped get me up (and down) the mountain.

Celia was able to teach me so much on our 3 hour tour of Tamarancho that I feel that when I return I can ride this area with much more confidence. Being a roadie who just recently decided to get back into mountain biking the knowledge gained from spending time with Celia will be put to good use as I practice on the limited trails I have back home.

Celia you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful area to ride right out of your back door. Thanks for sharing this with me and I look forward to returning and riding Tamarancho on my next trip out.

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Tricia and Scott mountain biking in Marin

Tricia and I continue riding 20-30 miles per week and are still completely hooked. Our fitness continues to improve and Tricia is really gaining speed. Last Saturday (12/19) we did a 20+  mile ride with our club.  Wednesday we did our weekly night ride on a trial that included many many switchbacks. We rode the trail out and back... so...we had to navigate all the switchbacks both uphill and downhill.  I cleaned everything expect one DH switchback and that was only a dab. 

Thank you again for all of your tips. We both thought you were very patient with us and you did a great job explaining things to us and breaking things into smaller steps.


Conor Donovan, Bike Skills Clinic

I had a great time at the the DH clinic on Sunday and would like to thank all of you for your instruction and valuable tips - especially for getting me to hit the gap jumps in Boyscout - your encouragement definitely helped! I'd appreciate it if you could pass on my gratitude to Johanna also. Also I'd like to thank Brian for allowing us to demo the enduros - lovely bikes.

I would love the opportunity to ride with you again or if you could point me to where there is more downhill / freeriding in the Bay Area I'd appreciate that also.

Jeff Grey, Mountain Bike Clinic with Celia and Brian

I knew that to improve my mountain biking skills and enjoyment, I needed some tips and techniques to overcome some fear and challenges I was experiencing. Immediately, Celia and Brian were able to recommend some equipment adjustments and additions that were very helpful. Our working session primarily focused on switchbacks and steep ascents/descents and with Celia’s expertise and skillful demonstrations and instruction, I was able to quickly understand what to do and then repeatedly practice the techniques. I feel much more confident now as a result of the private one-on-one instructional session. You might not initially think you need a lesson, but I would encourage you to consider taking advantage of her knowledge and expertise to improve your overall mountain biking experience.

Downhill and Cross Country Mountain Bike Clinics

Special Cross Country (XC) & Downhill (DH) Skill Clinic Event
Saturday October 17th & Sunday October 18th,2009
Presented by Mountain Biking Marin
Event Powered by Mike's Bikes   

Mountain Biking Marin  held a very succesful DownHill (DH) and CrossCountry (XC) clinic offered by an incredible team of instructors and helpers. (From left to right: Mary, Shanti, Johanna, Brian, Chad, Celia, Leigh, and Christina).

A special thanks to Reel Motion Sports and Michael Brill, who got great footage of the clinic capturing all participants doing the many drills we practiced on the trails.

And last but not least, thank you to all the participants who made this event possible.

Tim Kuenster, Bike Skills Clinic

Wanted to again extend my thanks to you and the entire team. Brian, Chad, Christina, Mike, Johanna, and yourself each brought a wonderful bit to the clinic to help us learn and progress our own skills. I greatly enjoyed spending time with you all and look forward to our next outing.

Also, hope you have a great play week this week with Johanna! Go away rain! Thanks! Tim

Mark Bernal, Bike Skills Clinic

You and the instructors are awesome!!! I had a great time and I left the clinic knowing I got my moneys worth. It was great not to be rushed and going through each skill at a steady pace will make a big impact on my mountain bike riding going forward.

David Harding, Bike Skills Clinic

Thanks again for organizing a great clinic. I learned so much it’s going to keep me busy practicing all the new skills and tips. I have to say that on the way up, I wondered what exactly I’d signed up for. But with all the patient instruction and demonstration of how to handle the gnarly bits, it was a great confidence booster and lots of fun.

In particular your team of instructors is brilliant, including Johanna and Brian who make it all look so easy, but were great at breaking things down into understandable concepts. They also took the time to focus on specific areas of my riding technique (or lack thereof!) that had an immediate impact in improving my riding. Plus Michael with his camera really helped me on the jumps.

For a group event, the level of personal instruction was way above expectations ? and it was a great group.

Finally I have to say that a big part of the enjoyment was being able to tackle the trails on a quality bike. Hats off to Mike’s Bikes for the demo Enduros.

Chris Tuohy (North Carolina, United States)

Thanks for the great riding on Friday. I really enjoyed the experience of riding in Marin. The vastness of the terrain is just awesome. It is a lot like riding in the mountains in NC except Marin is your backyard. I have lots of great memories, especially that switch back climb that was so hard. That's my favorite part of mountain biking-finding something really hard and trying it again and again until you clean it. I do not golf but its the last good shot in the golf that always brings you back-just like a hard trail you finally clean after riding it a bunch of times,

I can't wait to come back out and do the complete ride. I will contact you when I come back out again. I will definitely recommend you to my friends that come out and would be interested in riding in Marin. I would love to ride with everybody on one of those Friday rides.

Thanks again!

Joy Sassoon (California, United States)

I have always considered myself a timid mountain biker until I took the mountain bike clinic that Celia teaches. This was only for women. Of all the things I learned that day, most of the tips stayed with me and I improved a lot!

We just got back from Downieville and I was so lucky (and Happy) to be with Celia on a couple of really challenging rides! I learned to let the bike just float under me as to let the bike absorb more of the punishment that my body was taking on! I also learned how to climb a rock that was like a wall and my fear of it took over until Celia showed me how to do it! I improved so much with her teaching!

Celia has a way with describing and demo-ing that makes sense! I have had folks try to teach me, and I just say " ah ha, oh yeah..." but really don't get it most of the time. I recommend Celia's clinics to everyone and anyone who wants to jump up a few notches and save time by just learning in a few lessons! Celia's approachable and humorous personality really add to the experience and fun of mountain biking...and isn't that what it's about?
Joy Sasson, Gioia Boutique

Maureen Gaffney (California, United States)

For three years in a row I haphazardly entered and raced the Downieville Downhill, a challenging one-hour + downhill race on challenging terrain--the only "downhill" race with a significant climb thrown in for good measure. While I fancied myself a fairly accomplished mountain biker, the first year I was 6th out of 8, the second year I looked at a rock wrong and ended up clinging to a tree suspended over the canyon with a broken rib, and the third year I don't remember so it clearly didn't end with me on the podium.
Before my fourth attempt, I decided it was time to call in professional help. I needed to bag this thing once and for all. I had a lesson with Celia on a challenging single track in Marin, myself and one other student. Celia knew every subtle twist and drop on the route and stopped us before each obstacle so we could walk, discuss, and dissect it. Her intuitive understanding of my capabilities (and limitations) and those of my fellow student were confidence inspiring. We spent time on each section, going over and over it until it felt like a trip down the bike path.   

Armed with a new resolve and skillset, I awaited my start at the top of the Downieville course, podium in my sights, and Celia's lyrical Latina voice in my head coaching, goading, prodding me to finally claim this race. With Celia's help and a whole lotta luck in the form of no flat tires, I cleaned the entire course (okay, I didn't ride the waterfall....or the rock face.....) and came in 1st, a full 6 minutes ahead of 2nd place, and most importantly, fully intact with a dirt-laced smile on my face.

Many many thanks to Celia for teaching me to take the time, and for her keen understanding of when to scream at me (lovingly), and when to say "we'll do it next time".

Christina Toms aka "Woodchuck" (California, United States) Mountain Biking in Marin

Celia rules! There is no one I would rather ride with when trying out a new trail or skill for the first time. I've been lucky enough to attend many clinics and rides with Celia, and I always come away with improved skills, increased confidence, and joyful memories.

I always feel safe when riding with Celia - she's an excellent judge of skills and abilities and I know that she'll never try to take me down a trail or obstacle I can't handle. She's really friendly and encouraging - if you're out with her on the trail, you are guaranteed to have fun! She doesn't tolerate any "hammerhead" nonsense, and creates a mutually supportive, non-judgmental environment on each ride. With her help, I've been able to ride trails I never thought I could ride, and I have a blast every time. I wouldn't be the rider I am today without her. Thanks, Celia!!!

Leigh Etheridge (California, United States)

Thanks Celia! You are an amazing teacher, you inspire confidence and you really know how to break bike skills down so that they are easy to understand and master! I have learned so much from riding with you over the past several years, thanks!

Celia's clinics are awesome, they can help anyone at any level improve their mountain biking skills. You'll be riding better and faster and down steeper descents than you ever imagined!! Celia knows all the great trails and fun spots in Marin and in the Bay Area. And you can't beat the views from the rides she takes you on and best of all you'll never get lost when you're with Celia!

Steve Klink (Slovenia) Riding in Marin County

Celia Graterol is a fantastic biker, leader, trail guide and organizer. The cross-country mountain bike tour she put together for me was a great day of riding and worth every penny! I can strongly recommend her services.

There is very good biking where I come from in the southern alps of Europe. But when a family gathering gave me the opportunity to be for two weeks in the San Francisco area, the chance was too great to pass up: I had to go bike riding in Marin County.

But how does one just "go" to a place and start riding there? I needed a bike (transporting mine from Europe would have been too complicated and costly) but more importantly I needed to know where to ride. I didn't feel like getting lost in the hills during my holidays.

Celia Graterol organized some of the best holidays I have ever had! Celia is a great rider, both cross-country and downhill, and she is also good at working with people. Even more important, she knows every nook and cranny of Marin County and she is a thorough organizer.

I have to admit I did not know what to expect when Celia and I finally met for our first ride on a cold (by California standards) sunny, wintery morning at China Camp. A lot of things can go wrong on a bike tour, especially when you're organizing for someone you don't know. But Celia had thought of everything. She organized an amazing bike for me that was the perfect fit (the many email exchanges regarding measurements and body size paid off), and through her thorough questionnaires she had figured out exactly what kind of biker I was. Celia knew the terrain so well, and she had exhaustively researched what kind of day-ride I wanted. She was also a supportive bike partner. She listened and watched, but was not scared to comment on my biking technique, and I learned a lot!

It was a day of riding that I will never forget.

In Slovenia and Austria there are some incredible downhill rides because the mountains here are very steep. When I had been previewing Marin County on google maps I noticed that the hills were not so high compared to the alps, so I was a little skeptical at first about what I consider the fun factor (I love downhill). But the rolling hills of Marin County are unique and completely special, something that everyone who loves mountain biking should try at least once in their lifetime! The easy, undulating pace is so satisfying that the singletracks seem to go on forever. After you have ridden here you can start to understand why the sport of mountain biking was born here.

So what can I say? Was it worth it? Yes! Like I said above: every last penny. I liked it so much that two days later I had to go again...

Steve Klink

Charlotte West (United Kingdom) Touring Marin on a Mountain Bike

The tour was definitely fun! Shanti was really nice and helpful, she came and got me no problem from the hotel, the transport was great, and she even went out of her way to show me the nice little town at the bottom of the mountain (Mill Valley) and also a place to get some good views of the bridge.

The bike was fine - it fitted me well and was comfortable and Shanti helped me adjust the saddle part way up as it was still too low. Shanti had a choice of helmets so one did fit, and she kindly lent me her arm warmers so I didn't need my heavy jumper.           

The views and the mountain were lovely. I probably didn't realise that it was going to be such hard work climbing up for quite a while (I'd never climbed that consistently up), I think all my experience was on flatter ground / short climbs in forests / canal towpaths. But she was encouraging and once I got warmed up it was better. It was fun coming down! Many thanks.

Robin van Vliet (California, United States)

Read about Robin's private mountain biking lesson at Yelp!.

Todd (San Francisco, United States)

Celia helped me discover the world of singletrack outside my door. I have been an avid rider but made the mistake of looking at trail maps and DRIVING as far as the Santa Cruz Mountains (ie. Soquel Demonstration Forrest) up to Santa Rosa (i.e. Annadel Creek) as well as Downieville and Truckee for my thrills.

Yes, even experienced local riders owe it to themselves to discover the hidden trails of Marin with Celia. In addition, she can quickly identify your habitual riding errors that largely go unnoticed until it is too late, when you are already on the ground. As a 40 year old, recovery from falls simply takes too long and Celia's on the spot instruction of proper technique will help you keep the "rubber side down."

The mountain bike world has a very maverick appeal and as a result people are often self taught, with an occasional pointer from friends. Think about it, we think nothing of spending 100 bucks or more on a pair of riding shorts but invest little into what really matters, riding the bike. Simply put, there is a reason people are passing you on the trail, even as an experienced rider, because they have had instruction! And if you think you are too old to go both faster and safer, Celia won the 2006 US National Downhill at my age! 

Todd launching off a ramp and ready for a perfect landing.

Todd launching off three ramps in a row!

Lani Green (Marin, United States) Mountain Biking Skill Clinic

Thank you Celia! What a fun day out on the mountain. Your patience and humor really helped to boost our confidence for the switchback clinic. It was so great how you could recognize and then articulate each of our different and specific needs to take us to the next level of riding.

Thank you for knowing exactly when and how to challenge us just the right amount to improve our skills. With your help, riding is so much more fun now.   

Lani successfully coming out of a switchback during a Hot Mama clinic in Tamarancho.

John Warrillow (Toronto, Canada) on Mountain Biking in Marin

Celia offers a fantastic day of riding. Her local knowledge of hidden gem trails makes for a great day well off the beaten path.   

Carl Coletti (San Francisco, United States)

Celia Graterol understands the physical and mental aspects of taking a person with a lot more desire than common sense and pointing them in the right direction in my case DH (downhill....).

Being a former road racer having been off of a bike for twenty years and deciding that downhill courses looked like way more fun than being on a road bike, a little voice in the back of my mind told me that i might seek some sort of instruction to limit any injuries related to lack of proper form and general trail cluelessness.

A google search for downhill instructors in San Francisco / Marin led me to Celia Graterol.

Celia's skills, patience and understanding all played a major part in my realizing my dreams of blasting down Fairfax, Mount Tam and Pacifica downhill trails hitting rock gardens, steep descents, jumps, drops, cornering and feeling comfortable and confident at speed. Celia never hesitated to walk through through...go mental and physical barriers associated with this type of riding . Celia's riding technique and understanding of theory are only rivaled by her sense of humor and personality perfectly suited to teaching in some of the most beautiful outdoor classrooms in the world....

Celia is truly a mountain bike midwife of dreams.
My bike and I thank her for our two wheeled deliverance.

Carl at the top of Mt. Tam East Peak, Marin county, California.    

Alan L (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Riding with Celia in Marin County made for a complete experience. She is pleasant, knowledgeable about the area, bikes and riding technique. Most importantly, she is patient! I would never have found the areas she showed me, let alone ridden them. Thanks for a great day. I'll be back.

Alan and Mario with Celia during a ride in the Marin Headlands, California.

Andrea (Marin County, CA)

Celia has a striking personality that makes her a joy to ride with. She never pushed me too hard and was always there to offer her years of experience to help me clear the more hairy areas. Sure, I'm a beginner, and those so-called hairy areas probably weren't too horrible, but you know what I mean. She knows exactly which trail to take you on and matches your pace so you're not pushing yourself. Her fabulous humor makes the ride all the more enjoyable. She's a wonderful teacher and I'd love to continue our lessons in the future.

Andrea riding in the Marin Headlands, Marin County, California.


Keith Wensel (Alberta, Canada) riding in the Bay Area

You are a great riding partner / instructor. Your energy / enthusiasm / knowledge is contagious – with these three elements alone your business will grow and prosper. Will definitely re-book next time I am in San Francisco!

Group Mountain Bike Tours

Celia and the Mountain Biking Marin gang organized one of the best company outings we've ever been lucky enough to attend. We had as many experience levels and interests as we did participants, and yet Celia managed to plan a trip that was challenging, interesting, and mind-clearing for everyone. Every last detail was taken care of--from lunch to poison oak remedies--so we could really concentrate on bonding as a group and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. It takes a lot to drag this team away from the office for a day, but there was surprising little nervous I-Phone scanning since everyone was so thrilled to be out on the beach and in the Headlands. From our most advanced outdoor enthusiasts to first time mountain bikers, Celia ensured everyone had a great trip. Thanks for an amazing experience...we'll be back!
-Anna Bishop (Administrative Associate, Google Earth/Maps/Local, United States)
Participants from Google Earth/Maps/Local gathering at Muir Beach, Marin County, before an all day biking and hiking adventure.

Tom McGraw Mountain Biking in Marin

I have had the delightful opportunity to ride my mountain bike through spectacular west Marin mountain trails with Celia Graterol. Celia is, in a word, wonderful! Her passion for riding is only surpassed by her skill as a guide and teacher. She takes the time to clearly describe routes and techniques on challenging trails. Her supportive guidance builds confidence in the rider and that is very empowering and Celia has a marvelous sense of humor. She's awesome. -Tom McGraw (Chief Executive Officer, FNB BANCORP, San Francisco, United States)

Tom ready to hit the trails around Fairfax, California
for his first clinic session.

Michelle Wharton (Hawaii, United States) biking in Marin

I had a great ride! Celia knew every inch of the trail and gave me a heads up of what was to come around every corner. At one crossing, she even got off her bike to block and wave me away from a dangerous drop. I will definitely ride with Mountain Biking Marin next time I'm in town. (Michelle is the founder of Adventure X Fitness, providing personal training, thriathlon coaching and massage therapy).

Kristy DeCoursey (Sonoma, CA United States) riding in Marin

Celia, I want to thank you for being the one to answer my email for help in mountain biking. It's truly been a pleasure to be taught by you. You made the learning fun and easy, and it felt like being coached by a friend. Thank you very much. Kristy.

Kristy climbing in the Headlands, Marin County.

Dave Runacre (United Kingdom) Mountain Biking in Tamarancho

Having always wanted to ride the areas made famous by the Marin bike company this was a great day out. Celia can create a ride that will suit your level of riding and skill – from beginner through hardcore riders looking for technical and endurance riding.

If you are based in SF then this is a definitely worth a day out – whether you are into biking or not. Celia can collect you in town and recommend excellent bike hire. The bikes are full suspension Marins and in great condition (rare for any hire bike). The views across the Bay area from the hire shop is stunning enough but then you get driven by Celia to Marin county over the Golden Gate Bridge. The whole journey is just half an hour but you go from dramatic city skyline to beautiful countryside.

The ride itself has something for everyone and Celia will provide all the support and coaching you need. The trails offer some excellent views so make sure you take a camera.

After the ride you can stop for a beer and a chat with the other bikers who have been on the trail before you get to enjoy the same panoramic views of the city and bay as you get dropped back off in the city.

Dave descending a singletrack and clearing the rock at Tamarancho, Fairfax, Marin County, California.

Charles Nichols (United Kingdom) Mountain Biking in Marin

I had a totally FANTASTIC day with Celia exploring the mountain bike trails at Tamarancho (Marin county). This was the single best day's mountain biking experience ever. Celia knows the area well, where to hire good equipment, and how to match the right mountain to the abilities of the individual rider. But with Celia you don’t just get a tour. I learned a lot from her gentle coaching style, and my technique has improved dramatically as a result, in particular dealing with ‘switchbacks’ (very tight hairpin bends to the Europeans). Her patience was admirable as I got to grip with new techniques, until I mastered these turns.

Celia is a rare find and I unreservedly recommend for individual, group and corporate hospitality tours where you’re looking for a real adventure amongst stunning scenery, and some of the world’s most exciting mountain bike trails. Five star rating – highly recommended.

Charles enjoys a stop by the B-17/Broken Dam intersection
at Tamarancho, Fairfax, Marin County, California.

Charles riding the singletracks of Tamarancho, Fairfax, Marin County, California.

Arnab Chatterjee (United Kingdom) Mountain Biking in Marin

Celia is not only a frighteningly good rider, she knows the tracks and the trails really well. Anecdotal, interesting and relaxed, ...."she pushed me to a level where I had been comfortable once, many years ago, by being cheerfully relentless and encouraging my competitive streak. Within a few hours, I was fully zoned in and admiring not only the technical ride but the extraordinary landscape. The actual service was flawless, with pick up and drop off, bike rental advice, post ride gps mapping and follow up emails. My only concern with this testimonial is that next time I am back, Celia will be fully booked up.

Sean Benward (East Bay, United States) Mountain Biking in Marin

Celia, It was you who inspired me four or five years ago to race. It was your positive words of encouragement that gave me the confidence and motivated me to take the first step, sign up and race. I have never looked back and I keep looking forward to the next race like a kid waiting to open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning, I am healthier and much more passionate about cycling as a result. For this, I owe you a BIG THANKS. It goes to show you how valuable a kind supporting word can be. I am honored to be part of your legacy.