Joy Sassoon (California, United States)

I have always considered myself a timid mountain biker until I took the mountain bike clinic that Celia teaches. This was only for women. Of all the things I learned that day, most of the tips stayed with me and I improved a lot!

We just got back from Downieville and I was so lucky (and Happy) to be with Celia on a couple of really challenging rides! I learned to let the bike just float under me as to let the bike absorb more of the punishment that my body was taking on! I also learned how to climb a rock that was like a wall and my fear of it took over until Celia showed me how to do it! I improved so much with her teaching!

Celia has a way with describing and demo-ing that makes sense! I have had folks try to teach me, and I just say " ah ha, oh yeah..." but really don't get it most of the time. I recommend Celia's clinics to everyone and anyone who wants to jump up a few notches and save time by just learning in a few lessons! Celia's approachable and humorous personality really add to the experience and fun of mountain biking...and isn't that what it's about?
Joy Sasson, Gioia Boutique

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