Charlotte West (United Kingdom) Touring Marin on a Mountain Bike

The tour was definitely fun! Shanti was really nice and helpful, she came and got me no problem from the hotel, the transport was great, and she even went out of her way to show me the nice little town at the bottom of the mountain (Mill Valley) and also a place to get some good views of the bridge.

The bike was fine - it fitted me well and was comfortable and Shanti helped me adjust the saddle part way up as it was still too low. Shanti had a choice of helmets so one did fit, and she kindly lent me her arm warmers so I didn't need my heavy jumper.           

The views and the mountain were lovely. I probably didn't realise that it was going to be such hard work climbing up for quite a while (I'd never climbed that consistently up), I think all my experience was on flatter ground / short climbs in forests / canal towpaths. But she was encouraging and once I got warmed up it was better. It was fun coming down! Many thanks.

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