Todd (San Francisco, United States)

Celia helped me discover the world of singletrack outside my door. I have been an avid rider but made the mistake of looking at trail maps and DRIVING as far as the Santa Cruz Mountains (ie. Soquel Demonstration Forrest) up to Santa Rosa (i.e. Annadel Creek) as well as Downieville and Truckee for my thrills.

Yes, even experienced local riders owe it to themselves to discover the hidden trails of Marin with Celia. In addition, she can quickly identify your habitual riding errors that largely go unnoticed until it is too late, when you are already on the ground. As a 40 year old, recovery from falls simply takes too long and Celia's on the spot instruction of proper technique will help you keep the "rubber side down."

The mountain bike world has a very maverick appeal and as a result people are often self taught, with an occasional pointer from friends. Think about it, we think nothing of spending 100 bucks or more on a pair of riding shorts but invest little into what really matters, riding the bike. Simply put, there is a reason people are passing you on the trail, even as an experienced rider, because they have had instruction! And if you think you are too old to go both faster and safer, Celia won the 2006 US National Downhill at my age! 

Todd launching off a ramp and ready for a perfect landing.

Todd launching off three ramps in a row!

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