The Hot Mama Mountain Bike Clinic was a Success!

Thanks to all the Hot Mamas for the great clinic on Saturday, May 29th!

Below is a picture with almost everyone... we took the picture at the end of the clinic after some of the hot mamas were already gone. :-(

Here are some of the comments and emails we received after the clinic:
"Saturday's clinic was so fun.  Thank you for all you do to empower and strengthen women - in mind, body and spirit.  I will be in touch within the week to schedule another one on one instruction. Have a great day!"

"Christina: I am going to tell my husband to send you flowers 'cause I ended the day a more confident rider"

"Celia, The clinic was awesome.  I feel that I "got my groove back" and that mountain biking will again be a joy for me.  You are a skilled athlete and a talented instructor.  I also enjoyed Jackie and the other women that taught the clinic.  Sincere gratitude."

"Hi Celia, Thank you again for a great clinic.  I have to say your first clinic I took built my confidence up so much, I don't know if you remember I was a brand new to mountain biking and fell on a few switchbacks.  The second clinic has made another big advance in my riding skills. I rode Tamarancho the next day and practiced the moves you taught and felt I rode it the best I ever have...(made every switch back and went through the rock garden without dabbing). You are an amazing instructor.  I am recommending your clinics to all my friends!"

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