Mountain Bike Tour with Title Nine

Celia of Mountain Biking Marin organized a ride near Muir Beach for a group of us from Title Nine. We were a diverse set, some of us were road riders and others mountain bikers of fire roads with not much single-track experience. Celia brought us onto some amazing trails, with climbs that snaked back and forth through switchbacks up into the hills along the coast.

We were challenged in ways that we never imagined, and she coached us through. There were many challenges and obstacles that we would have never tried on our own but with Celia we were able to make them. She let us each decide if we wanted to try challenging sections and never made us feel bad if we wanted to walk a section. She was motivating and totally supportive. She is an AMAZINGLY experienced rider and seems to know every trail in Marin that exists (and some that don't).

Overall, it was an awesome afternoon – a complete blast of an adrenaline rush and I now have a ton more confidence in how to handle myself on the bike on all kinds of terrain! - Will K.