A perfect day riding with Mountain Biking Marin

In September 2012, Fredik got in touch with Mountain Biking Marin. He wanted an all day adventure to ride as many Marin trails as possible.

We helped him out reserving his bike, set the logistics on where to meet and what to bring, and planned a great ride for him. We went for an awesome 4.5 hour ride he would have never done by himself.

After a few days he sent us an email saying "Thanks a lot for the awesome day on excellent trails around Marin. It was just fantastic and I will never forget". Fredik also said: "Its cool to spend a day with people you don't know from before when we have a lot of common interests. Enjoyed the after bike beer we had too."

Read about what Fredik has to say about the mountain bike tour in his blog post which also includes pictures and a movie


Riding in China Camp with Celia

Last November, Chris and Andreas contacted Mountain Biking Marin to set up a tour. We took care of all the logistics: transportation, bikes, route selection, guiding services. And they took care of the filming during the tour. Here is what they put together:

China Camp from Andreas Gnutzmann on Vimeo.