Increasing Safety in Your Rides

Here is a testimonial from John Monroe, who has taken several of Mountain Biking Marin private and group clinics.  John likes to take risks and do difficult moves during his rides and our clinics helped him become a safer biker even when riding technical trails.

"I often use the things that Celia, Jackie, and Brian talked about in our classes. And you know what, my medical bills have dropped considerably!"

John Monroe

Mountain Bike Downhill Private Clinic in Marin

"In continuation of my back to basics bike skills discipline, I started to look around at clinics. Google graciously pointed me to Celia Graterol's website.  After reading one glowing testimonial after another I decided to sign up. I wanted to join those beaming people who's MTB lives had been improved at the hands of this Marin legend. So, after an introductory chat over the phone we arranged to meet at China Camp for some drills and practice. This was to be a precursor to a more downhill intensive session at Pacifica.

Having recently done the Bikeskills downhill clinic at Northstar, I knew the leaps and bounds possible from spending time with the pro's. But having focused, one on one attention makes a big difference. Celia quickly assessed my ability and we rode appropriate trails. Taking me to the edge of my comfort zone to make progress, but never out of my league. So the whole experience was extremely satisfying and rewarding. I learned a lot. I'm already looking forward to the Pacifica session. In fact I bought a new full face helmet and body armor in anticipation!"

Andy Proctor
Proc Mountaing Biking


Mountain Biking in the Winter

I WILL be riding this rainy season! I’m lucky to have some trails in Pebble Beach near my house which stay in pretty good shape and are a nice mix of riding. I am still practicing the skills Celia taught me, and have gotten much better at The Manual; I regularly clear obstacles I couldn’t before. Thanks!

I was talking to my brother the other day about coming up to ride Tamarancho with him as soon as both our schedules calm down a bit. I told him you mentioned the great switchbacks there and there are very few around here on the Monterey Peninsula.

Hope to connect with you again sometime on the trails! Say HI to Jackie for me, too.

Dave Whipple