Another Successful Clinic!

Last Sunday August 17, Mountain Biking Marin had another successful downhill clinic focused on "air" techniques. Click on this link to read what one of the participants, Andy, posted on his blog about our fun day. Below is an email from another participant, Jason:

"Celia put on a jump clinic for me and my friend Andy, and invited Micheal Brill to help out to help out with the teaching. I'm useless at jumping so they really had their work cut out for them, but they stuck at it and by the end of the day I was far more confidant with getting both wheels off of the ground. My friend Andy (who was a little more advanced with the jumping to start with) came away hitting gaped doubles with style! It's two weeks later, I'm in Whistler, and the proof of their teaching is in the pudding of my riding, as they sit like spectral avatars on my shoulders guiding my technique. On my first day, and I write this testimonial to tell you that I've nailed more than a few 8-10 ft table tops with confidence and in comfort.. .but most of all with a massive grin on my face! Thank you Celia for putting on the clinic, and thanks to Mike for expert guidance through the air.. .you guys gave me the skills to make a great week into an awesome one!
~ Jason Spencer-Galsworthy