Carl Coletti (San Francisco, United States)

Celia Graterol understands the physical and mental aspects of taking a person with a lot more desire than common sense and pointing them in the right direction in my case DH (downhill....).

Being a former road racer having been off of a bike for twenty years and deciding that downhill courses looked like way more fun than being on a road bike, a little voice in the back of my mind told me that i might seek some sort of instruction to limit any injuries related to lack of proper form and general trail cluelessness.

A google search for downhill instructors in San Francisco / Marin led me to Celia Graterol.

Celia's skills, patience and understanding all played a major part in my realizing my dreams of blasting down Fairfax, Mount Tam and Pacifica downhill trails hitting rock gardens, steep descents, jumps, drops, cornering and feeling comfortable and confident at speed. Celia never hesitated to walk through through...go mental and physical barriers associated with this type of riding . Celia's riding technique and understanding of theory are only rivaled by her sense of humor and personality perfectly suited to teaching in some of the most beautiful outdoor classrooms in the world....

Celia is truly a mountain bike midwife of dreams.
My bike and I thank her for our two wheeled deliverance.

Carl at the top of Mt. Tam East Peak, Marin county, California.    

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