Christina Toms aka "Woodchuck" (California, United States) Mountain Biking in Marin

Celia rules! There is no one I would rather ride with when trying out a new trail or skill for the first time. I've been lucky enough to attend many clinics and rides with Celia, and I always come away with improved skills, increased confidence, and joyful memories.

I always feel safe when riding with Celia - she's an excellent judge of skills and abilities and I know that she'll never try to take me down a trail or obstacle I can't handle. She's really friendly and encouraging - if you're out with her on the trail, you are guaranteed to have fun! She doesn't tolerate any "hammerhead" nonsense, and creates a mutually supportive, non-judgmental environment on each ride. With her help, I've been able to ride trails I never thought I could ride, and I have a blast every time. I wouldn't be the rider I am today without her. Thanks, Celia!!!

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