Chris Tuohy (North Carolina, United States)

Thanks for the great riding on Friday. I really enjoyed the experience of riding in Marin. The vastness of the terrain is just awesome. It is a lot like riding in the mountains in NC except Marin is your backyard. I have lots of great memories, especially that switch back climb that was so hard. That's my favorite part of mountain biking-finding something really hard and trying it again and again until you clean it. I do not golf but its the last good shot in the golf that always brings you back-just like a hard trail you finally clean after riding it a bunch of times,

I can't wait to come back out and do the complete ride. I will contact you when I come back out again. I will definitely recommend you to my friends that come out and would be interested in riding in Marin. I would love to ride with everybody on one of those Friday rides.

Thanks again!

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